Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Directories Review

Below we present a comparison of the the TOP 2 cell phone lookup services out of over 7 reverse cell phone lookup directories reviewed. This review considered the following criteria to come up with the results.

  1. The reputation of the cell phone lookup company
  2. Size of the reverse phone directory database
  3. Accuracy of results obtained by our team
  4. Price per cell phone number lookup

Tabular comparison of the TOP reverse cell phone lookup services

In addition to the TOP 2 cell phone lookup services, we have also listed 2 other relatively popular cell phone reverse lookup directories so as to emphasize the ‘quality’ of the TOP 2 reverse lookup directories

Company Name Price, Company Reputation, Database Size and Accuracy

# 1


Tops the list in ALL aspects

Cell Phone Lookup

  • 99 centsTheir normal price is $4.99. Intelius is running a special 80% off promotion right now
  • Click Here to Go to Intelius Right Now
  • Intelius outsmarts all others by a very long way
  • Ranked among the top 100 commerce sites on the Internet
  • Recognized in Inc. Magazine’s INC. 500
  • One of Washington’s Best Workplaces according to Puget Sound Business Journal
  • Intelius processes more than 3000 queries per second
  • More than 1 million people visit each day
  • Need we say more about Intelius?
  • They also do other reverse lookups such as background checks, property and neighborhood checks, social networking profile checks etc
  • 20 Billion in house records
  • 100% accurate for all numbers checked by us (example report provided below)

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#2US Search cell phone lookup
  • They are also a relatively big company
  • Their regular price is $4.95 and they too have a special deal for 95 cents per cell phone lookup. However, we recommend Intelius above US Search for a valid reason. The 99 cent Intelius offer comes with a 7 day trial while the 95 cent trial from US Search comes with just a 2 day trial. We feel that this 48 hour trial period is not really sufficient compared to the 7 day trial offered by Intelius
  • You can access the homepage of US Search here
 Another popular servicePhone Detectivereverse cell phone lookup
  • $14.95 per reverse cell phone number lookup
  • Very popular service. Unlike Intelius that does every kind of reverse lookup including but not limited to Reverse Cell Phone Lookup, Criminal Record Lookup, Background Checks, SSN checks, Driver’s License checks etc. etc., Phone Detective specializes in reverse cell phone number look up
  • Database size not mentioned on the website
  • 100% accurate for all numbers we checked
  • Click Here to Visit Phone Detective (If you must pay a higher price)
  • Up to $69 per reverse cell phone lookup
  • We DO NOT recommend you use this mobile phone lookup service simply because it’s EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE @ $69 per search
  • The only reason we are showing it here is because we wish to show you that the massive price range for reverse cell phone lookups in the market – 99 cents from Intelius to $69 from
  • Don’t believe us? See for yourself by clicking here



Not all cell phone lookup directories are equal

As you can see each cell phone lookup directory is different from each other due to various criteria. Some are too small, some are too expensive or others don’t exactly reveal data about their cell phone lookup databases. One of the most significant differences lie in the fact that one reverse cell phone lookup company has a huge edge over the others when their reputations are considered.

Taking these features in to consideration, would you go with our review on cell phone lookup services? We would love to hear your ideas about it and please leave a comment below and let us know if you found it useful or not so that we can improve our cell phone lookup review.

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